Books to enjoy

General History of Gateshead 

Vestiges of Old Newcastle and Gateshead by J. R. Boyle (1890) 

Wrekenton and Eighton Banks by Jane S.Davis (1908)

Old Gateshead by A.C. Lyall (1920)

The Story of Gateshead Town by D.Lumley (1932)

History of Low Fell by Madeline Hope Dodds (1966) 

History of Gateshead by Frank W. D.Manders (1974) 

A Short History of Gateshead (Schools version) by Ian Carlton (1974) 

Gateshead in Times Past by Frank W.D. Manders (1979) 

My Village, Sheriff Hill by John Harrison

Gateshead Perambulations by Desmond O'Donnell (1990)

The Changing Face of Gateshead by Trevor Ermel and Eileen Carnaffin (1992) 

Gateshead A Pictorial History by Robert Woodhouse (1992) 

Old Gateshead by Alan Brazendale (2000)

Gateshead Through Time by Nick Neave (2010)

Low Fell in old picture postcards by Anthea Lang (2012) 

Gateshead's Grand Houses by Sandra Brack / Gateshead Local History Society (2012)

The Story of Saltwell Park by Anthea Lang (2013)

Gateshead Remembered by Anthea Lang (2014)

Gateshead From Old Photographs by Sandra Brack, Margaret Hall and Anthea Lang (2015)

Felling by Anthea Lang (2015) 

Gateshead's Grand Houses Revisited by Sandra Brack, Bob Dixon, Margaret Hall and Helen Ward (2016)

Uncovering Gateshead - Book one by Sandra Brack and Bob Dixon (2018)

Transport in Gateshead 

The North Eastern Railway by W. W.Tomlinson (1914)

The Tramways of Gateshead. George S.Hearse (1965)

Gateshead Churches 

St. Marys, Gateshead by E. Smith(1949)

St. Thomas, Eighton Banks by Rev.Colin Eastwood (1986)

The Church at the Crossroad - St.Andrew's, Lamesley by Derek Bell (1998)

The Church on the Bank - St. Helen's, Low Fell by Sid Atkinson (2003)

The St Mary's Story by Anthea Lang (2009)

Please note that many of these books are now out of print but are available for reference at Gateshead Central Library.